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  • Red and Gold Beads

    I am looking for bulk red and gold beads or pearls also small polistrien balls (golf ball size).
    Also gold pins and small red roses.
    My mom is getting 80 in September and i want to use it to make gifts.
    If any one can help please. I was looking at Crafts but do not find what i am looking for.

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    I think Cali Craft may be able to help you but she is offline at the moment as her Telkom line is down. Also, have you asked Bead Mania the question - they may also be able to help source what you need?
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      Thanks lily i will ask them :)


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        Hi Cheetah

        I should be able to assist with all the listed items.

        I'm currently accessing my internet at the local Postnet, but send me a PM with specific quantities required, and I can get all your items at short notice (local supplier).

        Kind regards,
        Janet - Cali Craft & Gems
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          Thank you so much will do so :)