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  • Anyone for some chocolates?

    Do you think this is a bargan?3 x 100g chocolatesShipment is R44.00 for first itemR29.00 for secondR75.00 for speed service this would be the best option as it wouldn't melt Sweets & Treats - Chocolates for sale in Johannesburg (ID:24047555)

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    WOW those 3 chocolates is going on the auction for R11 for the 3 plus postage of R44 so far its R55 for 3 slabs. LOL :o Oh well some people just like to order their goodies online hehehehe


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      :oI certainly hope she/he read shipping, i see each additional item = R34.00 and she bid on all the chockies, Outch, a surprize is coming their way if they haven't!

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        Asked the seller if it is not cheaper to go and buy it directly from the shop now the auction is suddenly closed.
        Your question was;Hi Fengshu Don't you think it is cheaper to go and buy 3 chocolates at the shop because the shipment is already R44.00?The answer is;Hi Mr Van Der Walt, thanks you for alerting me , we in error loaded the wrong image I have removed the item and corrected the issue . Thank you .The matter has been cleared with Bid and Buy as well .O well would have love to see how much people are willing to pay for 3 chocolatesthen we can makes some exsta bucks
        Last edited by Tjaart van der walt; 21-07-10, 16:10. Reason: answered question


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          Well spotted, Tjaart. I, for one, am in serious doubt that this was a genuine mistake. More probably someone trying their luck ...

          If you read the questions and answers, you will see why I believe this was NOT a mistake!!
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            Hi LillyThank you. Me too he stated by the q&a that it is on 3 chocolates. If you go back to the listing he closed it because she won the item on R11.00. If that was a mistake why didn't he deleted the bid's? This is just a proof that some ppl only bid and doesnt read properly true the listing