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  • Failed Listing / Blooper :))

    This is funny:

    Now think to yourself a bit.

    You see this auction and its just what you are looking for, right ? But!

    The Starting price is R50,000 and has a reserve.

    But then you look closely and see the Indicative Market Price is R20,000 :eek:

    So why in the hell would you buy this by the person if you can get it R30,000 cheaper.

    LOL maybe a mistake was made in listing but still funny.
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    anyway at that price I want to get in it and take off.


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      MrAerospace doesn't understand it either! (And he's a fundi with radio controlled planes!) He's busy and asked me to post this for him.
      Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world.
      Today I am wise and am changing myself.


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        Check the listing again - the market value is R120 000.00 not R20 000.00


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          Check the listing again - the market price is R120 000 and not R20 000.


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            Hehehe glad we good have been assistance so seller could see the mistake :) As it was 20K hehe

            LOL now that is much better :p
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